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      The first
      flu vaccine for
      people 65+

      As we age, our bodies change and so do our
      immune systems.1 Thats why Fluzone High-Dose
      vaccine is specially formulated for people
      65 years of age and older.2

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    the only flu vaccine with4 the antigen for a stronger immune RESPONSE2,6

    A Higher Dose for a Stronger Immune Response to the Flu Than Fluzone Vaccine1

    As you get older, your immune system weakens.1
    Which means your antibody response after
    getting the traditional flu vaccine isnt as high
    as it used to be.3,4 Fluzone
    High-Dose vaccine is
    made for people 65+ and it helps promote a
    stronger immune response to the flu than
    Fluzone vaccine. 2,5

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    24.2% more effective than Fluzone vaccine2

    Fluzone High-Dose has 4 times the antigen of a regular
    flu shot, which helps produce a stronger immune
    response to the flu.2,6 In a clinical study, Fluzone
    High-Dose vaccine was 24.2% more effective than
    Fluzone vaccine in preventing laboratory-confirmed
    influenza in people 65 years of age and older.2

    Did you know?

    Influenza vaccines are updated regularly to
    keep up with changing
    Flu viruses.

    The Flu Can Be Scary
    for People 65+

    Getting older means greater risk of complications from the flu.6,7 Each year, approximately 90% of flu-related deaths and 60% of the flu-related hospitalizations in the US occur in people
    65 years of age and older.6-8 Thats why its important to help protect yourself.2,3 Ask your health care provider or pharmacist if Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is an option for you.

    Coverage under major health plans

    Medicare Coverage for Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine

    Fluzone High-Dose vaccine may be covered with no co-payment or deductible under Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and private insurance plans.9

    Ask about Fluzone High-Dose vaccine

    Use the Following Questions to Find Out More From Your Health Care Provider or Pharmacist:

    • Whats the difference between Fluzone High-Dose vaccine
      and Fluzone vaccine?
    • Should everyone 65 years of age and older get the higher-dose
      flu vaccine, or are there some exceptions?
    • Are there any precautions I should take when getting a
      higher-dose flu vaccine?
    • Are there more side effects associated with a
      higher dose?
    • Is this vaccine covered by Medicare?
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