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      The Flu vs. Cold:
      Whats the difference?

      Sometimes its hard to tell whether or not we have
      the flu or just a cold.
      Check out the information
      below to learn what sets the two apart.

      Get the Facts About Flu Symptoms

    What do your symptoms say?

    Click the cold or flu buttons to see if you are
    showing signs of the flu or a cold. Both can have
    similar symptoms. However, symptoms like fever,
    body aches, fatigue, and coughing tend to be
    more intense with the flu compared with the cold.
    In addition, people with colds are more likely to
    have extra symptoms like a runny nose.1-4 While
    you are sick, limit your contact with others and
    your symptoms with your health care
    provider to
    see if you should get tested for the flu.

    Headaches Sneezing Watery Eyes Runny Nose Coughing Sore Throat Body Aches
    Headaches Fever Body Aches Chills Coughing

    How long does the flu last?

    Most people who get influenza will recover in several
    days to less than 2 weeks,
    but some people will
    develop complications as a result of the flu.5

    What is a
    low-grade fever?

    • A low-grade fever is a temperature higher
      than 99.5°F but lower than 101°F. Having a
      fever is a sign that you might have the flu.6
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