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      About Flu Vaccines

      Did you know that the flu vaccine changes
      every year?
      Thats because flu viruses are
      constantly changing. In order
      to keep up and
      help protect yourself, its important to get
      vaccinated each and every year.1

    What is the difference between
    influenza A and influenza B?


    Influenza A causes moderate to
    severe illness and affects all age groups.
    The virus infects humans and other animals.
    Wild birds keep influenza A active
    in nature.2


    Influenza B generally causes
    milder disease than influenza A and primarily
    affects children. Influenza B is more
    stable than influenza A and primarily
    infects humans.2

    Is the flu shot a live virus?

    Not all vaccines are made the same way. Flu shots are
    either made with
    vaccine viruses that are dead or
    contain no virus at all.

    Fluzone Vaccines
    Are Updated
    Every Year
    to Help Protect Against
    the Latest Strains of
    the Virus.

    More Flu Vaccine Facts

    What is the cost of a flu shot?

    Fluzone vaccines are covered by the majority of
    insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid.
    Speak to your health care professional to
    find out more.